Managing Set products

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Set Products are products that combine several products together.
Examples of Set products:

  • earrings, a necklace, and a bracelet
  • pendant and chain

Set products stock is related to the stock of the basic jewelry products

Creating Set Product

Main Product

Set Products tab

Creating Set Product 

  1. To create Set product from the model, use the Set class model on the Models page.
  2. To create Set product from existing jewelry products, on the Catalog page: 
  • Select products to combine into a set product
  • In Actions menu, select Add Set Product
  • When Set class product is created
    • materials from the basic products are taken into the Set product
    • images from the basic products are taken into the Set product
    • with the matching new Set model, f.i. "MODEL-SET-1570401666"
  • To use an existing model, change it in the Product Basic tab

Main product

Set product consists of 2 or more Jewelry products. This means, some information exists in all the combined products. 

F.i., if the Set product is created from a Pendant, Chain and Earrings, fields like "Country", "Sizeable", "eBay style", "Etsy category" or other can have different values for each one of the basic products.  Main product defines, from which basic product Valigara will take the information from. 

Main product is defined according to the setting: "define main product by". 

Set Products tab

  • Set Products tab in the Product Edit page displays products, included in the Set product
  • To make the product unavailable for selling as a stand-alone product (to use it only as a part of the set product), check the "Not for sale" mark

  • The Dependent Fields of Set products sum up values in the same field, in Basic products. Once the field is defined as "Dependent", on change in Basic product Valigara re-calculates the Dependent field value in the Set product.

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