Multiple warehouses and stock locations

Modified on Sun, 19 May 2019 at 09:43 PM

Valigara allows handling multiple stock locations.
This can be useful for managing jewelry, distributed between several warehouses, brick and mortar stores, distributors and fulfillment centers.

Each stock can be set to service all / specific countries.

Channel-stock relations

For each selling account in Valigara (such as eBay, Amazon, Etsy etc) Valigara allows assigning multiple stock locations. 

Setting the priority for each warehouse, the stock with higher priority will be used first. 

Quantities for each stock are set up independently.

Home / fulfillment locations

Each stock location can be set to be Home-based(managed in-house) or integrated with one fulfillment providers: FBA (FulfilledByAmazon) , EFS (EFulfillmentService) or FedEx.

According to the type of the warehouse, Valigara performs different fulfillment, stock and quantity update operations. 


Assume you have 2 stock locations:

1) an integrated fulfillment center (FBA, EFC or other), relevant to a specific country (f.i. USA), having limited amount of products

2) your main company stock in your factory (f.i. Bangkok) ,  is able to serve all countries, some physical stock and able to produce any amount of products

To improve the logistics and clients service, set the fulfillment center as the highest priority stock. If the new order will come from the relevant country (USA in this case), and the item is available in the fulfillment center stock, Valigara will automatically send request to send your jewelry from the fulfillment center. 

After done, Valigara will automatically receive the relevant tracking number and put it into the order information on the marketplace. 

If the order comes from any other country, Valigara will use the Main company stock for order. 

If there are no stocks relevant to the country of order, no automatic action will be done and you will be prompted to handle the order manually.

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