Creating products from model

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If your product is available in multiple variations (gold, stones, finishing, sizes etc), these variations can be created in bulk, initiating the product creation in the jewelry model. The process will create unique combinations of materials. The resulting products will inherit all model parameters, and will be organized under the model.

Starting the process 

Enter the model to create products on

Click "Save and Create products"

The "Create products" page 

Define what materials will be taken into the products

  • From the model - Metals / Gemstones will be set automatically, as they were set in the Matching Metals / Matching Gemstones in the model


  • Go to Model -> Basic tab
  • Matching Metals: set the metal(s) which can be used during the products creation
    • To add more than 1 metall (for multi-gold , or for silver + gold plating combinations), click Add Metal
  • Matching Gemstones: select the Gemstones, which can match the model 
    • Set stone parameters
      • Valigara will check the Gemstones list, checking what stones match the defined parameters. 
      • This is used when the stones are changing from time to time (f.i. if you receive the gemstones list from your vendor, and want to virtually set them in your jewelry automatically)
    • Set specific stones
      • Set a fixed list of gemstones from the Gemstones list
      • Useful for side stones, f.i. , if you know the side stone is always a specific stone(s)
        • f.i. "0.01 G/VS melee diamond" & "0.008 G/VS melee diamond" 

  • Custom -  Select specific relevant Metal(s) and Gemstone(s):
  • Select Metal(s)
    • Metal name 
    • Metal Purity 
    • Weight of the metal
  • Select Gemstone(s)
    • Gemstone(s) name
    • Gemstone Amount - how many gemstones of this kind appear in the jewelry
    • Carat - if you want to set the fixed TCW for the gemstone 
      • Keep empty if it should be calculated automatically based on Amount and the Gemstone Precise weigh

  • Sizes
    • Use this If you want to create separate products for product Sizes (f.i. 5,6,7,8,9) 
  • Other field
    • use any product field to create separate products for each value in the field
      • Use fields of Select Single / Select Multiple / Select Variations types  
      • It is possible to add more than 1 field
  • Random variations
    • Set the maximal amount of variations you want to create
  • Copy default values 
    • Check this if you want to copy values from the model to the created products

  • Use "From Model" if your gemstones change often. This allows you to instantly create all possible variations of the products. 
  • After creating products small and fast changes can be appended with Quick Edit Pop-up.

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