eBay advanced tools

Modified on Tue, 19 May 2020 at 03:15 PM

To access the advanced options for account optimization and automation tools:

  • Go to Channels -> eBay Settings 
  • Click Editnext to the relevant account name
  • Scroll down to the Tools section


  • Kill unsold items - defines how to handle listings with no sales. If checked, Valigara will automatically remove listings with no sales from eBay. Use to improve the listings relevancy and optimize Click-Though rate
    • After X days - set to kill listings that are unsold after certain amount of days
    • Use Post Similar for killed items if them marked for Post Similar - if checked, for the listing that was posted with "Re-post automatically" option enabled, re-posts the similar listing right after it was killed by "Kill unsold" setting
    • Don't kill items for them an order occurred at least once - disables killing listings of unsold items for listings that have been purchased at least once
  • Sold auction auto-repost - check to repost auction listing with same conditions after it is sold, if quantity is available
  • Block duplicate eBay auctions - check to avoid posting the same auction listing twice
  • Block duplicate titles - avoid posting the same product titles twice
    • Block if present on any account - don't allow posting a product if the same title already exists in any eBay accounts 
    • Block if present on current account - don't allow posting a product if the same title already exists in the eBay account where the item is being posted to
    • Do not block - allows posting listing to eBay, also if they already exist. 
      • This does not mean that eBay will accept such listings, for posting. 
      • Even if accepted, such listings might violate eBay's policies, and can be suspended later. 
      • Make sure not to violate eBay's policies
  • Send "No stone" if no stone -  sends "No stone" value to eBay item specifics when stone information is missing

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