Additional Fields - Adjusting the product fields structure

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   All products are unique, all businesses too. Additional product fields adjust the data structure to your business needs.
If you need to store some specific information, which is not covered by the standard fields.
Valigara allows creating additional fields as many as necessary.

Additional fields Sets
Additional Set/Fields page views

Adding/editing Set

Adding new field

Finding Sets and Fields

Additional Fields Sets

Valigara organizes additional fields in Sets. Sets appear on a product page in the Commercial tab.

Example: Field "Shopify Variations group" in "Shopify " Set:

  • On the Additional fields page:
  • On a Product page: -> Commercial

Set/Fields page views

  1. "Regular" view
    • Displays the fields grouped in Sets.
    • To view the fields, click the "Children/Options" icon in Tools
  2. "All Fields" view
    • Displays all Additional fields in the system in one page
    • Quickly move fields between sets, view all fields in all Sets of specific Type or containing specific words

Adding/editing Set

  1. Add new Set
    • Go to Catalog > Additional Fields
    • In the "Regular" view - go to the bottom of the Additional Page (All Sets)
    • In the empty "Title" field type new set name
    • Click "+Add" button and the Set will be created.
  2. Edit existing Set
    • To change the Set's name: 
      • Type a new name in the Title of the Set
      • Click the Save icon in Tools to save changes.
    •  To change Set order on Product pages:
      • Use the Move button  to change Set order.
      • Example: Move the most relevant sets to the first places. 
    • To change/add new fields to the Set:
      • Click the "Children/Options" icon in Tools
      • Make changes in desired fields of the Set.

Adding new field

  1. Go to Catalog > Additional Fields 
    • In the "Regular" view - Go to the relevant Set
    • In the "All Fileds" - go to the bottom of the Additional Page (All Sets)
  2. On the bottom of the fields list
    1. Type the field Title
    2. Select field Type
    3. Select fields Set
    4. Define Field width (Available in advanced mode)
    5. Define Alias - an alternate field name used in Content Generators, Printing templates etc. (Available in advanced mode)
  3. Click "+Add" button 

       4. To add values (for Select Single, Select multiple, Select variation Types): 

  • Click the "Options" button related to the field in Tools column
  • Add allowed values in Title field and press "Enter"
  • Click "+Add" button

To find the Set:

  • Go to Catalog > Additional Fields 
  • Start typing the name of the desired Set in the Search field:

To find the Field:

  • Go to Catalog > Additional Fields 
  • Switch to "All fields" view
  • Start typing the name of the desired field / Set / the field type / the Alias in the Search field 

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