Using Description Generators

Modified on Mon, 20 May, 2019 at 12:22 AM

Valigara allows dynamically creating content, based on the technical information of your jewelry.

For example, if you need to create the HTML description of your jewelry, based on a combination of free text, random phrases, and technical parameters of the item (f.i. Metal Purity, Ring Size, Gemstone Color etc.) - Generators will do the job.

Use DescriptionGenerators to easily create content for similar items (f.i. different size / metal / gemstone variation of one Solitaire Ring)

Creating Template for Description Generator

  • Go to Catalog on the top menu
  • Under Generators section open Description Templates page
  • click "Add Template"
    • to create a new template based on existing one, use "Copy" button

Description template fields

  • Template Title - name the new template 
    • It's good to have an informative name, e.g. "Diamond Halo Engagement Rings"
  • Language  defines what system language will be used when applying the description generator
  • Prefix is inserted in the beginning of the generated description. 
    • It is possible to add several values to the prefix field. Once the description is created, one of the values will be taken, randomly.  
    • To enter several possible suffix values use the "|" sign.  Example: 
      Unique jewelry for all occasion. | Designer jewelery for most demanding ones! | Special gift for the most beautiful woman! 
  • Suffix functions similarly to Prefix and is inserted in the end of the generated description. 
  • Content - add dynamic content with conditions, based on the product fields
    • switch between the clear Text or HTML view
    • Content mode selection is available in Advanced mode

Previewing the description template

Preview function allows testing how the resulting description will look like, directly from the editor page while editing the description. 

Choose if to preview the Generator on the random product or to the specific one, by entering its SKU / ID.

Applying the description template

  • Open Catalog 

  • Select one or multiple products to generate descriptions 

  • Click System actions > Generate Descriptions

  • In the Generate Description popup
    • Field - select field you want to apply your template
      • can be any field of "Text" type
    • select Template by given template title
    • Language defines which language will be filled in the target field 
    • Overwrite overwrites all existing descriptions in target products 
      • check the box to delete existing values and create new ones
      • leave unchecked to apply the generator only for products with empty description fields
    • Click " Yes" to run the Generator
  • Check the relevant Batch to view process status, warnings or errors. 

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