Recurring listing automation

Modified on Mon, 10 Oct 2022 at 03:35 PM

To improve the visibility of the jewelry listings on eBay, Valigara offers automation for re-posting the items. Considering the history of the existing listing,, the system allows selecting the right re-listing method, for better listing ranking.

  • Re-list - The existing listing is renewed, keeping its history. Good for successful listings. 
  • Re-post - The new, identical independent listing is created (f.i., "sale similar" action in eBay language). Good for cleaning the history of unsuccessful listings

Each time jewelry is posted to eBay or other channels, the post/revise pages allows choosing one of the options under the Scheduling sectionTo enable the recurring post/revise 

  1. Check Apply Rule next to "Recurring listing automation".
  2. Select one of the following options:
    1. Re-list automatically
    2. Re-post automatically
    3. Smart re-post (Recommended)

Re-list automatically

With this option, listings will be re-listed on eBay after they end. Set after how many days the automated relist will occur, and the maximum number of times to re-list.

Re-post automatically

With this option, listings will be re-posted (similar to the "sell similar" option on eBay) after they end. Define, after how many days the Post Similar action runs, and the maximum number of times to re-post.

Smart re-post (Recommended)

This advanced optimization feature defines the relist/repost options based on the listing performance. With this option, Valigara will perform a relist/repost action or end the listing, if the specific criteria are met. 

  • "Relist listing if one of the conditions occurs" - define the required conditions for the Smart Re-post operation to Relist the listing
    • "listing was sold more than X times"
    • "listing has more than Y watchers"
    • "listing has more than Z views"
  • "If Relist conditions are not met"- select one of the two options: 
    • "Repost product (Sell similar)" - set after how many days the automated Repost Similar action runs, and the maximum number of times to re-post
    • "Do not repost" - does not initiate the additional re-post

  • This feature affects only the re-listing method (relist / re-post), and is not related to the initial post of the item
  • If Mass Post is executed with Scheduling Template, this setting will overwrite the Repeat value of the Scheduling Template.

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