AI Prompts

Modified on Mon, 04 Mar 2024 at 12:29 PM

AI Prompts let you use powers of OpenAI to generate content for product. It sends request according to template contents. Result is then put into a chosen product's field.


Create a new template from Catalog->Generators->AI Prompts->New Template.

Type in the request, here as an example we're providing product's image to AI to generate a title based on it. Any product's field can be supplied to AI by selecting it in left side panel. Save the template.

Applying AI Prompt Template

As said, we need to choose a field where the results of prompt are applied to. From Catalog, choose products.

Click Actions->AI prompts, a popup appears.

Field - choose the field to apply the prompt to

Template - choose a prompt template

Language - choose the language in which to have the results of the prompt

Overwrite - comes handy when you don't want to overwrite the the existing values

Click "Yes" to complete the operation. A batch is created.

Applying AI Prompts via Procedures

If you're not yet familiar with Procedures, take a look at the relevant article to learn more. Since AI Prompt is an action, it can be supplied in procedures after matching procedure's conditions.

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