Shopify basic account settings

Modified on Mon, 16 Oct, 2023 at 5:10 PM

After Shopify is connected, set up the account with the following steps:

  1. go to Channels -> Shopify Settings 
  2. click Editnext to the relevant account

Shopify basic account settings consists of 2 sections:


The Basics tab contains general Shopify account settings.

  • Account name - the internal name of the account added when connecting Shopify. Use a name that helps you identify it easily if you have multiple accounts
  • Description - describe briefly the specifics of the account
  • Is default account - if checked, Shopify account will be used by default on the Post operations


The Settings section contains default options defining how product listings and orders are handled:

  • Integration Options:
  • Export Valigara Products - check to list products on Shopify
  • Import Orders from Shopify - check to fetch Shopify orders
  • Delete Non-Valigara Products:
    • Checked - products on Shopify listed not through Valigara will be deleted from the Shopify catalog
    • Unchecked -  previously listed products (not listed through Valigara) will remain on Shopify
  • Shopify Location for Order tracking number - for Shopify accounts with enabled Multiple Locations. Locations created in Shopify are fetched by Valigara and selected location will set product/product variation quantity on post/revise 
  • Shop Language - select the Valigara language to take the values from
  • Send videos as Images - check to post videos on Shopify. Valigara uses Workaround with ALT tagsto embed video URLs, since Shopify has no direct support for videos. Videos are placed last, after product images
    • Prefix - add a prefix to send a custom alt value to Shopify (f.i. PREFIX
    • Suffix - add a suffix to send a custom alt value to Shopify (f.i.
      • use these to prepare the alts for the Shopify front-end development
  • Sort variations:
    • Alphabetically - according to alphabet
    • Valigara order - as variations appear in Valigara manager
  • Skip main product in ordering (always first) - sort variations as they appear in Valigara, no matter the position of the main product
  • Send variation images into main product
    • Do not send - variations images are skipped
    • Send 1 - single variation image is sent
    • Send all - all variations images are sent to main product
  • Make unavailable instead of delete - defines Valigara behavior on product delete 
    • Checked -  Valigara keeps the product in Shopify backend and changes the "Product availability" in Online Store to NO

    • Not checked - Valigara completely removes the product from Shopify website

  • Out of stock action:
    • Set "Out of stock" - leaves the product on site, but marks it as sold
    • Remove from Online store - removes the listing from storefront
    • Completely delete - completely deletes the product from the store
  • Remove action:
    • Remove from Online store - removes the listing from storefront
    • Completely delete - completely deletes the product from the store 
  • Create 301 redirects on product title change - if a certain product is targeted for SEO, create link redirects to this product in case its title is changed
  • Collect product views statistics - Valigara adds a pixel to the listed product's description which collects number of views
  • Connection Status - indicates whether the connection to the Shopify store is active. Click "Reconnect Shopify Store" to re-authorize

After setting up the Basics, add more optimization and automation:

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