Users Management

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Valigara account can be accessed by multiple users. For example, different employees of the company can use the system according to his needs and responsibilities.

There are 3 default permission groups in Valigara, more groups can be added if required. Each user is assigned to one of the groups. The group defines what pages can be accessed by the user.

Account Owner 

The account owner 
is the main user in the account. Owner can change/add/delete other users accounts. This user is created on the Valigara account setup and can not be deleted. 

Owner's information, including password, can be edited on My Account page.


Admins (users)

You can provide access to additional people to your account. This can be useful to delegate work, set specific permissions, work with multiple departments, external agencies. 

  1. To add new Admin (user): 
    • Go to Admins page
    • Click +Add new admin 
    • On the New Admin page 
      • Type name 
      • User's e-mail (username)
      • Enter password twice
      • Select permission (role):  Admin / Moderator / User
      • Click Save to create the user
  2. To make changes in existing user details:
    • Go to Admins page and click on the editbutton
    • Make desired changes
    • Save changes
  3. To remove an existing user click thebutton

Users Permissions

Valigara allows creating multiple permission levels (roles) to users. By default there are 3 levels, but you can add more. Create groups like "Accounting", "Production", "Data Entry" etc. Each role defines if a user is allowed to view the specific system pages.  

  1. To set permissions:
    • On the Permissions page select a role for update
    • Select Allowed pages:
      • All pages (e.g. for Admin user)
      • Selected pages (for Moderator or User)
    • To select the allowed pages: 
      • Start typing a page name 
      • Select from the drop-down list (can be selected multiple pages):
    • Click Save and Exit

API user

Actions performed through Valigara API are assigned to a specific user. This allows seeing changes in products, orders, etc. done through the API. Default API account user is automatically created on the Valigara account setup.

To set API access:

  1. Go to API tab of My Account page
  2. Generate access API Key by clicking Generate New
  3. Enable the API by checking the "Allow API requests" checkbox
  4. Select API Admin user. By default, this will be "API API", but any different user can be used. 


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