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In many cases, multiple products share the same information.

For example, the only difference between the size 5 ring and the size 5.25 ring will be the Ring Size value. The rest of the product fields (such as Collection, Metal, Gemstone, some commercial information, Related products etc.) stays the same. For such products we want to set the shared information in bulk.

The "Copy data" function allows quickly set value(s) for multiple fields. The functionality is available in Products and Gemstones pages. 

  • Select products/gemstones to update the fields
  • Go to System Actions -> Copy Data

Update translations: if using Valigara in multiple languages, this option pastes the copied value in all available languages. F.i. if you copy the City value = New York, checking the "Update Translations" will propagate this value in English, Spanish translations of the field.

Overwrite: defines whether to update fields, which already have values. When checked, all fields are updated, while when unchecked, fields with existing values are skipped. Only fields without values are updated.

There are 4 Copy Data modes:

  • Between Products - Copy field values from source product to destination products
  • Between Fields - Copy field values from the source field(s) to the destination field(s) inside the product
  • Set New -  assign/overwrite field values in the products
  • Aggregate - combine values from multiple fields into one field

Languages selector sets the language for which the Copy Data operation is executed. So, if your account is set up to work with English, Spanish, and Hebrew, you can select the language to perform the operation.

Between Products

This option copies selected field values from one product to another(s).

  • Copy From - select the source product
  • Copy To - to change destination products use Select button
  • Fields - the field/s to copy
  • Recent copies - the 3 most recently used field selections
    • useful when updating same fields of different products
  • Click "Start"

Between Fields

This option copies values between fields of the same type, inside the selected product(s).

  • Select the products
  • Click +Add to specify the Source and desired Destination field(s)
  • Click "Start"

Set New

This option allows adding new values to multiple product fields or overwrite existing values. 

  • Select the products
  • Click +Add to specify the Field(s) to update and type/select the new field Value/s
    • For each type of field, matching input method is displayed (selection field, free text, single line etc)
  • Click "Start"


This option aggregates values from multiple fields into 1 field (type Select-Multiple). All values from source fields will be inserted in to the destination field as separate values.

  • Select the products
  • Click +Add to specify multiple Source fields and Destination field 
    • Source field - from which the value is taken
    • Destination field - to which the value is taken
  • Click "Start"

  • To avoid batch errors, make sure that the data you're trying to copy, matches the Destination field type requirements
  • When using "Copy data" in the Model page, Valigara sets the "Main product" as the Source, and "All products from this model" as the Destination jewelry
  • Leaving the "Overwrite" option unchecked allows quickly filling in the missing information while keeping the existing values untouched. 

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