Using Import Formats

Modified on Mon, 20 Jul 2020 at 04:40 PM

Commonly, product data import is done multiple times, from the files with the same (or almost identical) structure. These files might come from your manufacturer, an internal ERP system, or a historically used Excel file. 

Import Formats save the structure of the import, for the repeating use. After saving the Format at the first import/update, the following import of data file with the same structure is done in just a few clicks.

Formats can have a different use. One Update Format can be used for working with products' Amazon-related fields; another - for Prices updates, next one - for the Jewelry data updates (such as weights, measurements, gemstones parameters, images and video, etc.)

Create as many import formats for your file as needed.

Create new format

  1. In the "Format" field, select "New"

  2. Click "Add Field" and add all relevant fields to export
  3. Edit "Field name in file" values to have different columns in the export file
  4. Name the new format in the "New format title"
  5. Click "Save Format"

The new format will appear the list of export Formats

Edit existing format

When importing data similar but not identical to one of the existing Formats, it is better to select an existing Format and make some minor changes in the structure.

  1. Select the existing Format and click Edit
  2. Make the required changes in the fields mapping
  3. If the changes are relevant for further use, save the current mapping by clicking "Save Format"
  4. To save the updated Format as a new one, enter a different Format Title and click "Save Format"

Delete irrelevant format

  • Select the format in the Formats drop-down
  • Click "Delete" and confirm in popup
    • Note: this operation is irreversable

formats will be automatically saved both for Import and Export, so they are easy to use in both directions.

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