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Valigara allows dynamically apply watermarks to the images. The image with watermark is posted to the sales channels without the need to uploading an additional image into the system. Valigara adds the watermark "on the fly", and the same product image can appear with different/without watermarks on different channels, at the same time.


1. Adding watermarks to ALL IMAGES in Valigara

Valigara can add watermarks to all images once they are uploaded into the system. 

1. Go to Global Settings -> Image Settings

2. Under Watermarks, change "Set global watermark" to Yes , 

3. Select the desired watermark position and upload the watermark image

4. Save settings

2. Adding watermarks to SELECTED PRODUCT IMAGES

To apply watermark to SELECTED IMAGES on selected channel

1. Go to Catalog -> Product images

2. Select the channel where you want to apply watermark

    * If General is selected -> watermark will be applied to all channels

3. Select the images to apply the watermark

4. Go to System Actions -> Watermarks 

5. Select Add 

6. Set the desired position of the watermark in the image, select the watermark

* Select one of the watermarks saved in Global Settings -> Image Settings , or upload a new watermarks to apply to the specific images. 

7. Click Yes to start the operation

Removing watermarks from products

To remove watermark , after selecting the relevant images 

1. Go to System Actions -> Watermarks 

2. Select Remove option

3. Click Yes

Changing watermarks

To overwrite existing watermarks, repeat steps as in adding new watermarks. 

Old watermarks will be replaced by the new ones. 

Managing watermarks list

To add new watermarks to the system

  1. Go to Global Settings -> Image Settings
  2. Go to Watermarks tab
  3. Use "Multiple images upload" to add new images
  4. Save settings

To remove the unneeded watermarks from the system

  1. Go to Global Settings -> Image Settings
  2. Go to Watermarks tab
  3. Click X on the watermark to remove it 
  4. Save settings

3. Adding watermarks on the SPECIFIC SALES CHANNEL

  1. Go to specific channel -> account settings -> Commercial Settings 
  2. Images
  3. Watermark options
    1. Default - use the settings from Global Settings -> Image Settings
    2. Hide Watermark - do not show watermark on the channel
    3. Set watermark for this account - define the waterrmark individually for the specific account
      1. Set the watermark position
      2. Upload watermark 
  4. Save settings

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