How to unify product listings if the SKUs on platforms differ

Modified on Thu, 23 May 2024 at 04:56 PM

When selling multichannel online without a centralized system, product data does not often match on different channels. With the main product identifier (SKU) differs across sales channels, inventory and listing management becomes extremely challenging. Valigara offers a system to unify, normalize, and synchronize SKUs between all sales channels.

This guide will go through the steps to unify all product listings if the SKUs on platforms differ.

0. If main channel product aren't imported into Valigara

Follow the steps to complete the link and sync of the SKUs. 

1. Link listings to Valigara products 

Choose the most effective way for your case and follow the instructions.

Upload Excel file

This option is recommended if: 

  • Existing SKU's difference has some system. For example: 
    • Amazon SKU = LGD-2779-Y-18 and Etsy SKU = LGD_2779_Y
    • eBay SKU = LGD-2779-Y-EBA and WooCommerce SKU = LGD_2779_WC
  • Massive number of listings to match

The solution: Prepare an Excel file to link listings and update SKUs on a secondary sales channel. Steps to follow:

  1. Export products from Valigara to Excel, to have the existing Valigara's Catalog codes of your products
    • Include Catalog code (SKU) and other fields that may help you match SKUs with secondary channel.
    • For example, include Metal Purity, Gemstone type, Color, Size, etc.
  2. Run Import Products with the "Export to Excel" option in Valigara, or export listings data from a secondary channel to fetch listings data, including the current listings IDs on the channel.  
  3. Using the data in the two sources (Valigara, and secondary channel), prepare an Excel file to link existing Valigara product IDs with existing channel listing IDs
    • In Excel file Column A = Catalog code (SKU) in Valigara, Column B = Secondary channel listing ID 
    • Use excel tools to match SKU's
  4. Run Link via Upload file

Manually in Valigara

Recommended if: 

  • SKU's difference between the channels has Nsystem
  • Low amount of listings to match

To execute it:

  1. Filter and search for relevant products in Valigara Catalog
  2. Link product to secondary channel listing via "Link this product to store" in Tools menu

Update SKU on channel

Recommended if: 

  • SKU's difference between the channels has NO system
  • Low amount of listings to match
  • SKUs are partially missing on the secondary channel

To execute it:

  1. Update listings SKUs directly on a sales channel.
  2. Run Link by SKU to link listings to Valigara products.

2. Revise listings (optional)

After the completion of linking secondary channel listings to Valigara, SKUs on this channel do not change automatical. 

To update SKUs on the platform, perform Mass Revise (Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Walmart) or Run integration (Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento 2, BigCommerce) accordingly.

  • Revise variations to update variations SKUs for listings with variations
  • For eBay variations listings: Do not use the same SKU for Custom label and variations SKU for product-based variations. For example: Use model code as Custom label and Catalog Code (SKU) for Variations SKU's
  • Regenerate SKU's with Valigara Product SKU generation to build a consistent and accurate SKU structure
  • Complete the listing migration after linking if needed

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