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One of the main features making Valigara the ultimate software for jewelers online,  is its jewelry-focused Product tree - the way Valigara looks at the products information. In addition to the classical SKU level (when the system operates with each product separately, Valigara  focuses both on the Products level (SKU level) and Models level (design level)

What is a Model?

Model is the Design of the jewelry. Sometimes jewelers relate to it as to a "3D", "Rhyno", or simply a "Main product". The model can be created in different metals, bear different gemstones, or be executed with different finishes (matt, hammered or polished). Some models can have hundreds of products assigned. 

A model is not a ready product,, but a prototype, a foundation for the product to be created in your online catalog. 

Model on

What is a product?

The Product in Valigara is a specific variation of the Model. It has materials (gemstones and metals) applied, a specifis size, and other unique parameters - it is the specific SKU belonging to the model. The product can be posted to the sales channel, appears in your online catalog, has a price, it can be sold and bought. 

Pendant variations on

How models are used for the jewelry eCommerce?

  • When the product is created based on a specific model, it inherits its details. This allows the quick creation of multiple products while sharing most of the product information.  
  • The Matching Gemstones and Matching Metals setting of the model allows bulk creation of the products when new gemstones are added to Valigara. 
  • Valigara collects the statistics on the model level, which allows unique analysis of the performance on the design level. 
  • Analyzing the model level performance provides insights for the product line expansion. So, if the specific variation of the model performs effectively, this information can be used to create a similar variation of additional models.

Q: All of my products are one-of-a-kind, I am not interested in using models. Do I have to? 

A: Well, even though we still recommend using models, it is not mandatory. You can use a general model ( "Ring" , "Loose stone" , "Pendant" , "Jewelry") for all your products. The moment you will be ready extending your jewelry information to the next level, you can always add models into your system and assign existing products to the relevant models. 

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